Out of the Classroom

Students will have time outside of the classroom to explore Oakland, create lifelong friendships, and participate in plenty of recreational programming by the Resident Life Counselors (RLC)! There will be community nights on Wednesdays where students can be together as a group and participate in a few activities planned by the RLCs. Weekends will have a mix of a few planned activities as well as plenty of free time for students to do what they want. 
Across from the dormitory is Soldiers and Sailors, where students can throw a frisbee, lay out and listen to music, or read in the sun. Two blocks away is Schenley Plaza, which has a number of events all summer. In 2019, they had yoga and tai-chi weekend mornings, a summer music festival, movies on Friday evenings, and much more! 
Students will be able to choose to do a large group outing during the program as well. Last year each student got to choose one of these options; a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, or a trip to the Andy Warhol Museum. Each group also got to eat at a local restaurant paid for by the program.
Examples of Events from Past Years:
Weekend Brunches,
Ultimate Frisbee,
Visiting a Jewish Synagogue to tour and talk with a Rabbi,
Trivia Nights in the Dorm,
Capture the Flag,
Ice Cream Parties,
Fourth of July Fireworks and Picnic,
Grocery Shopping Trips,
Group Outdoor Workouts,
Therapy Dog Tuesdays at the Cathedral of Learning,
Crafting in the Dorm,
and the Schenley Plaza Music Festival.