Living in Nordenberg

Living in Nordenberg Hall is quite an exciting experience for many students at the Governor's School. It is an excellent way to experience what being in college in a year or two will feel like. Students gain the freedom and responsibilities to maintain their own room, plan their own time for activities and homework, enjoy having friends right next door, and even do their own laundry! Nordenberg Hall is one of the most updated dorms on campus. Each room has a microwave, mini-fridge, and TV already in them to be used and maintained by students. Each floor has a laundry area, lounges with TVs that are equipped with cable and HDMI hookups, couches, chairs, and small study rooms attached to each lounge.
In the dormitory there will be Male and Female Resident Life Counselors. These are college students that will be responsible for recreational programming, enforcing dormitory rules, and being a friend/parent to the students while they attend the program. Each RLC has passed Pennsylvania State clearances to work with youth. 
Students are given an ID Card when they arrive, which they will be using throughout the duration of the program. The card is used to purchase meals in Oakland or the Dining Hall, get in the dormitory (you will be unable to enter the dorm without it), and use the laundry facilities. Students will receive $650 to be spent on food. While this may seem like a large amount, students will be dining at local restaurants and getting groceries from the supermarket. This is the perfect time to practice budgeting as many restaurants in Oakland that accept Panther funds can range from $7-$15+. A list of locations that accept panther funds can be found here
While students attend the program they are expected to follow rules and guidelines presented by the Resident Life Counselor staff. This includes following a curfew on weekdays AND weekends. Students are expected to be back in the dormitory by 9pm every night. Students will not be allowed to leave the building until 7:00am the following morning. There may be supervised activities that run past the night time curfew or before the morning curfew, at this point students will be accompanied by 1-2 RLCs. More information on dorm guidelines will be given by RLCs at the start of the program.
If you would like to read more about the dormitory, or take a virtual tour of the facilities, check out this page