The Governor's School

The world is becoming more and more interconnected: cultures are fusing and clashing, borders are eroding as walls are going up; local affairs are increasingly enmeshed in global and transnational processes.  The Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Global and International Studies provides high-school sophomores and juniors with the tools to understand these changes through a four-week residential program on the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus. Students learn to think globally, develop their oral and written communication skills, and study critical languages with distinguished faculty and guests and a diverse group of students from across the state.  The program’s unique curriculum and residential environment encourage students to engage with the world in a fun, intense, and immersive way.  The knowledge and relationships they build will last a lifetime.


The Governors School of 2020 has been postponed, please refer to the application section.
The Governors School application of  2021, is now available in the application section. The 2021 program, will commence on Monday, June 28, and end with Graduation on Friday, July 23.